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You’ll Get Used to: Customers Paying a Deposit Fee for Starlink Can’t Reach SpaceX

Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite-based Internet delivery project, had requested a deposit from customers months ago. Although many paying customers want to ask when the service will be available, they cannot reach Starlink’s customer service.
The Starlink project, which will serve via satellite and is expected to cover the whole world, is approaching the end of the period given for putting it into service. Customers paying $100 for the project are unable to reach customer service to ask when the service will be available and when their kits will arrive.

Customers paying for the project, which is expected to be put into service towards the end of 2021, are expected to receive a new e-mail from Starlink. This email will ask customers to purchase a kit for a total of $499, including a tripod, WiFi router, a terminal, and $100 for a monthly subscription.
Although the third quarter of the year is approaching, customers still do not know how to connect to the Internet. Keith Bosse, one of the customers who paid $100, placed his Starlink order on February 25, but no response was received. Bosse says he couldn’t contact customer service either.

“They’re launching rockets into space, but they don’t know how to provide customer service. It would be nice if a distribution map was provided to understand when Starlink will launch,” Bosse told Insider. said.
Corey Gordon, another customer who placed an order, paid CAD129 (US$103) in May as a deposit. Gordon describes his situation: “More than a month ago, I left several detailed voicemails on a SpaceX answering service, but still no response.”

Customers who have not yet received the installation kit have such problems, while customers to whom the kit has been delivered say that they can reach Starlink. An unnamed customer living in Massachusetts said that after receiving the kit, he spoke to Starlink about a problem and it was resolved within a few days.

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