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Twitter Started Testing the ‘Reacting with Emoji’ Feature in Turkey for the First Time in the World


Twitter has started testing reaction emojis for tweets shown on its feed page. The feature, which was tested in Turkey for the first time in the world, allows users to react to tweets with 5 different emojis. The feature will be available on all platforms when it becomes available.
The world’s most popular microblogging site Twitter has started testing its new feature for the first time in the world with its users in Turkey. This feature, which has been tested with a limited user base for now, but can be experienced by all users across the country in the coming days, allows the tweets to be reacted with emoji. The feature that Twitter is testing in our country currently includes 5 emojis.

As a matter of fact, the feature that Twitter has started testing is not a big innovation. Even when messaging on Twitter, you could already add various reaction emojis to a sent message. The platform is now expanding the scope of this feature. You will now be able to send reactions to tweets that appear as a stream via emojis.
Twitter seems to offer 5 different emojis to react to a post. These; thoughtful attitude, tears, laughter, applause and admiration. In this way, users will be able to continue to like a tweet they encounter on the flow pages, as well as use brand new emojis.
According to the statements made by Twitter, emojis will always ensure that positive opinions are reflected. Touching on the reasons for this, the company says that they conducted a survey before they started testing the feature, and as a result of this survey, a large part of users stated that they were worried about negative reactions. The company, which does not want any of its users to be upset, seems to have taken such a decision.

It is not yet known when the feature will be available to all users. However, the feature of reacting to tweets with emojis will be available on iOS, Android and web version when it becomes available.

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