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TikTok Conquers YouTube In Its Own Castle: It’s Now Getting More Watches, Even in the US


The popular social media platform TikTok has grown so much recently that it has almost crushed the giant YouTube in some countries. But because of his eventful lawsuits against TikTok, he is not seen as successful no matter what he does.
YouTube, which has been one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to “watching videos” for years, has lost some of its share of the cake with the release of TikTok, although it has not been affected by the release of Vine. Despite everything, YouTube, which is still the leader, is no longer the sole owner of the throne.

According to the latest published data, popular video sharing platform TikTok has surpassed YouTube in the US and UK. The same may happen in other countries in the near future.

Is YouTube coming to an end?
The report, prepared by the application analysis firm called App Annie, covers only data from people using Android devices. In addition, data from China, the homeland of TikTok, was not included in the report for diplomatic reasons. Despite everything, the report still reveals this huge rise of TikTok.

App Annie officials, who prepared the report, define TikTok as “the application that turns social media and broadcasting upside down”. Google-owned YouTube is still the most time-consuming video sharing platform, including in the US and UK, but TikTok is more dominant in terms of user interaction.

In other words, the vast majority of YouTube users are content with just watching, but TikTok users upload more videos, like more and comment more.
The next target of TikTok, which surpasses YouTube in some countries, is Facebook. The company has a huge user base with both its Instagram and its main application Facebook. According to experts, if TikTok succeeds in surpassing Facebook, it can sit on the leadership throne as the most used social media application in the world for a long time.

Analysts who prepared the report, in addition to the data, say that TikTok has not been able to achieve real success despite these numbers. Analysts, who say that the reason for this is the lawsuits filed for holding the data of billions of children in TikTok, also argue that TikTok wants its users to enter the “Work, TikTok shoot, eat and sleep” cycle.

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