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Render Images of Xiaomi’s Electric Vehicle Have Been Shared

In the official forum of Chinese technology giant Xiaomi, which we recently shared with you that it has stepped into the electric car industry, a user shared the concept images created for the company’s M1 vehicle. The user-created tool looks very interesting.
China-based technology giant Xiaomi, which we know mostly for its smartphones with a high price-performance ratio, is in front of us with the automobile industry today. While the first model to be put forward by the company, which recently showed us its determination in the automobile industry with the team it has established, is eagerly awaited, a user on Xiaomi’s official forum shared the render images of the M1 vehicle.

It is said that the vehicle in question will use the improved version of the MIUI interface that Xiaomi users will be familiar with. In addition, a very ambitious expression was used for the vehicle, which is expected to offer features that we see a lot in electric vehicle giants. Let’s look at the details together.

Distance of 1000 km with 5 minutes charge:
Xiaomi M1

The creator of the concept, named Mo Fei, not only shared the amateur renders he created, but also gave details about the features of the vehicle. Within the scope of these features, the vehicle will have autonomous driving feature, voice assistant support and a holographic central control system.

Above all, according to Fei, the vehicle will be able to travel 1000 km on a 5-minute charge. At this point, let us remind you that Tesla’s 2020 Model S, which we can count as the leader in the electric car industry, offers a maximum range of 650 km.

Xiaomi M1

Although these images have been uploaded to the company’s official forum, let’s not forget that we can see the M1 vehicle in different ways, as they are not the images that Xiaomi has officially shared.

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