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He Should Be Giving An Acting Lesson: Man Who Claimed Tesla Hit Himself Disgraced With Footage

It turned out that the man, who claimed that a Tesla vehicle hit him, deliberately threw himself on the ground under the vehicle as a result of police investigations. This fact emerged after examining the Tesla camera.
Tesla, whose name is frequently mentioned, is a model with a lot of people who approach it with anxiety as well as its fans. Previously, 2 people lost their lives in the accident, which was allegedly due to the driverless cruise feature, and an investigation was opened against Tesla.

Tesla, which has been investigated many times due to the accidents allegedly caused by the autonomous system, this time became the agenda due to an accident in which he was involved, even though he was a driver. The facts of the accident were revealed by the vehicle’s camera.

He threw himself under the car:

A Tesla driver was walking backwards, while a man walking threw himself under the vehicle and collapsed to the ground. After the vehicle fled, the man, who performed with an unmistakable performance, went to the gas station and said that the electric vehicle had hit him and he was injured. They called 911 and asked for help. The 47-year-old man said he had suffered injuries to his leg and neck, and that he had filed a complaint.

The police, who pursued the Tesla driver after the complaint, also reached the truth when they reached the driver. Examining the vehicle’s camera footage, the police saw that the man in question had deliberately thrown himself in front of the vehicle. In the published video, the man named Bates throws himself on the ground and keeps his leg in the air for a while.

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