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Google Released a Special Doodle for the First Day of Face-to-face Training


Google published a Doodle for schools that reopened after 1.5 years. Doodle, which includes icons related to the lessons, provides easy access to the shares made about today when clicked on it.
The world’s most popular search engine, Google, provides a “Doodle” service for special occasions. Doodles are given to the section where the meaning and importance of that day are indicated, sometimes a photograph or sometimes an animation replaces the Google logo. Here is the reopening of schools, which have been closed for almost 1.5 years, has become a Doodle reason for Google.

He shared a Doodle for schools opened today in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic. The company, which includes drawings related to the lessons, added the Google logo to the middle of the Doodle. So what do you see when you click on this Doodle?

Here is the doodle that Google created for the opening of schools

When you click on Google’s “First Day of School 2021” Doodle, you will not encounter any surprising results. The search engine, which displays the posts related to the phrase “First Day of School”, allows you to directly access the news and videos. In addition, the questions about today can be easily reached through this Doodle.
Schools that started this year in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic are full of great unknowns for both parents and students. While the Ministry of National Education says that it is determined to do everything they can to keep schools open, it is reported that measures have not been taken in some schools. Let’s see if the students who get back to school after 1.5 years will switch to distance education in the near future or whether the process will proceed smoothly.

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