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Ford Shares Video of New Ranger Performing in Difficult Conditions

On the Ford Europe YouTube channel, a teaser was shared with the Ford Ranger, which was previously caught on camera in camouflage, performing in nature in all kinds of conditions. There is no official information yet about the technical details of the vehicle, including its design.
Ford has finally broken its silence on the new Ranger model. The American automobile giant has released the teaser video on the Ford Europe YouTube channel, which includes images of the new Ranger overcoming difficult conditions.

Although the video is a ‘teaser’ instead of a full promotional video, short images of the vehicle are included, but the new generation of Ranger, which has proven its strength in difficult conditions and has become a classic, also shows a very impressive performance in the video.

The new Ranger also keeps its camouflage in the video:

Ford Ranger, which was caught on camera in camouflage before, continues to protect its privacy in the video. In the video, where we can not get a good idea in terms of design, attention is drawn only to the performance of the vehicle.

In order to prove that the Ranger works flawlessly under all conditions, Ford includes images of the vehicle taken in muddy, sandy, stony and snowy terrains, respectively, in the video.

2023 ford ranger

If we refer to the rumors in the power department of Ford Ranger, which can be called a ‘Swiss army knife’ for those who do not forget the place of man in nature, there is information that the vehicle produces 400 horsepower and 5643 Nm with its 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine.

It is useful to add the rumors that one of the test versions of the vehicle reflected on the cameras is a hybrid. According to rumors, the vehicle has a 2.3-liter four-cylinder fossil fuel engine as well as an electric motor, which can reach 362 horsepower and 680 Nm of torque.
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