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For Those Who Want to Discover New Music: A Website With More Than 5 Thousand Music Types Together


A project and website called Every Noise at Once includes more than 5,000 music genres and examples of those genres produced in different countries at different times. It is possible to go on a fun journey and discover unlimited music on the site, which is integrated with Spotify.
What do you do to discover new music genres and artists? Most of us rely on the alternatives offered by Spotify or YouTube, but in fact, since these alternatives are shaped according to the music we listen to, we may not always come across anything new.

For those looking for a new way to discover music from different genres, cultures and periods, there is a great website; Every Noise at Once. There are many different ways to discover music on this site, which was developed based on all music genres on Spotify.

More than 5 thousand genres, millions of songs:

When you first visit the site, you see a huge and rather ‘messy’ looking map. All music genres on this map are clickable and when you click, a piece of that genre plays as an example. When you click on the ‘scan’ section above on the same page, random songs from different genres start playing. In addition, when you press the “>>” option next to the name of any genre, you can see the artists of that genre.

In addition, if you want to see all music genres ‘tidy’, just click on the ‘list’ section. Thus, you reach a very long list where you can see all 5508 music genres together. The site also has a playlist with songs from all genres.
When you scroll down to the bottom of the page that opens, you will see that there are links for different concepts. Here you can find dozens of different categories such as genres and songs released every year, lists by country, lists by cities. To explore all categories, click here to access Every Noise at Once’s site.

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