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Bloomberg Strategist: Bitcoin Will Reach $100,000 and Play in the Same League with Dollar and Euro


According to a new statement by an important strategist, the value that Bitcoin is expected to climb in the long term is still $ 100 thousand. According to the statements, the fate of the ancestor of cryptocurrencies will be the same as ‘fiat’ coins and Bitcoin; will take its place in the global financial system.
After cryptocurrencies entered the mainstream this year, both those who are interested and those who are not have heard a few words about the fate of these coins. Some of these sensations indicate an uptrend, some a downtrend. The statement we will talk about now specifically claims that Bitcoin will see very high levels in the long run.

A senior strategist from Bloomberg has made a prediction about the future position of Bitcoin. Earlier, JPMorgan analysts mentioned that rapid rises in cryptocurrencies are unrealistic. The new statement claimed that the long-term target for Bitcoin is still $100,000.

Bitcoin goes to play in the same league as dollar and euro

Bloomberg’s Mike McGlone reiterated that the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is on its way to becoming a global reserve asset. Noting that Bitcoin and Ethereum survived the corrections of around 50% over the summer, McGlone said; He stated that Ethereum will see $ 5 thousand and Bitcoin $ 100 thousand.
The claim that Bitcoin will reach 6-digit values ​​is not new. However, as Mike McGlone wrote, “The dollar has risen more than 300% against its leading rivals since President Richard Nixon changed the price of gold to the dollar in 1971.” The statement that he used brought Bitcoin closer to being a part of the global financial system. According to the statements, Bitcoin will continue to rise in the long term, falling; So is his closest child, Ethereum. Altcoins linked to Bitcoin and Ethereum will also get their share from these rises. The current price of Bitcoin is around $50,000. So there’s a whole other way. But by most estimates, it won’t take another 10 years to reach $100,000.

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