Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Bitcoin Legalized as a ‘Financial Asset’ in Ukraine: Will This Reflect on Prices?

The Ukrainian Parliament has officially recognized the world’s most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The assembly, which accepted the draft, thus began to see Bitcoin as a “financial asset”.
There has been a new development regarding Bitcoin, which El Salvador started to use as its official currency. This time Ukraine has decided to officially recognize Bitcoin. Ukraine, which recognizes the crypto currency as a “financial asset”, will try to protect its citizens against possible fraud with this decision.

In fact, Ukrainians were trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, there was no legal regulation protecting the investor in this process. That’s exactly what the passed law did. The law, similar to which we will see in Turkey in the near future, imposes some obligations on stock markets and investors.

Will not affect bitcoin price

The law passed by the Ukrainian Parliament is not expected to be reflected in the Bitcoin price. Because with this law, Bitcoin will not be used in daily life. Also, there were no bans preventing Ukrainians from buying and selling Bitcoin. Therefore, there will be no situation that will explode Bitcoin buying or selling.
Speaking of Bitcoin; Let’s also talk about the current prices of the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, which has experienced a sharp decline in the past days, has dropped from $ 52 thousand to $ 44 thousand. The cryptocurrency, which was traded at $ 46 thousand 130 as of 09:30, has lost around 7 percent in the last week.

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