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Binance Turkey Allegedly Evaporates $240 Thousand Within Minutes

A citizen named Beşir B. claimed that 240 thousand dollars of money he sent to Binance Turkey was steam. According to Binance Turkey, the exchange has no responsibility in the incident. Here are the interesting details of the event, which cannot be understood how it happened…
It was claimed that an interesting event took place in Binance Turkey, the Turkey leg of the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance. A citizen named Beşir B., whose main job is trading but has been investing in cryptocurrencies for years, claimed that 240 thousand dollars, which he sent to Binance Turkey and instructed to be converted into TL, was steam. The citizen, who wants to deposit a total of 900 thousand dollars, states that he wants to deposit this money in 4 different exchanges, and that such an event only happened in Binance Turkey.

According to the claim of the citizen, the incident took place on September 2. Seeing that the transfer took place in two parts at 14:02 and 14:06, the investor saw that these funds were transferred to an account that did not belong to him. Upon this, Beşir B. contacted Binance Turkey and was shocked by the response he received. Allegedly, Binance Turkey did not take any responsibility regarding the issue.
The lawyer of the crypto money investor, who filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office on the incident, used the following statements on the subject; “He took the precautions against the client. He activated the two-stage security system. If the theft was caused by the security flaw in the client’s devices, it would have been expected that his assets in other exchanges would have suffered as well. Considering that the client was asked to transfer 240 thousand dollars to the Binance Turkey account in the e-mails sent by the hacker after the incident. It is concluded that the weakness is entirely caused by the relevant company.

Beşir B., whose money of 240 thousand dollars was deposited into another account, received the following response from Binance Turkey: “The necessary verification codes have been entered for the withdrawal process. There is no security vulnerability on Binance Turkey. It is not possible to identify the owner of the target address. It is also possible to recover the stolen money from the target address. It is not possible because it is impossible to reverse a transaction on the blockchain. In our eyes as a platform, this transaction is seen as a withdrawal from the user’s account. If the user did not perform these transactions himself, his e-mail address, mobile phone or computer may have been hacked. In this case It is out of the question for any of our personnel to be involved. The problem does not seem to originate from our system.”

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