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Turkey’s first sports-themed national garden

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Ortahisar Nation’s Garden, the construction of which started on the site of Trabzonspor’s former stadium Hüseyin Avni Aker, will be the first sports-themed national garden in Turkey.

There will be a football field and tribune in the nation’s garden, which is under construction by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on an area of ​​62 decares, which is not available in other national gardens in Turkey.

Synthetic ice skating rink is being built on 400 square meters of land in the nation’s garden, where a system has been established where citizens can do sports easily.

8 ramps and bowls for skateboarding were built in an area of ​​600 square meters for children and young people in the nation’s garden, where the works have been completed to a large extent.

Turkey’s first sports-themed national garden ViDEO

Turkey’s first sports-themed national garden #1

In the nation garden, which has been transformed into a green area by planting over 7 thousand plants and trees, there will be a nation’s cafe, restaurant, entertainment and rest areas, bicycle and walking paths.

There is also a 300-car parking lot under Ortahisar National Garden, the cost of the first stage of which is approximately 23 million liras.

Turkey’s first sports-themed national garden #2

In the millet garden, which is one of the showcase projects of Trabzon, there will be 1 tribune with a capacity of 12 thousand spectators, 1 performance pool, 1 restaurant, 1 millet cafe, 1 security outbuilding, 1 water tank. In addition, there will be 2 children’s playgrounds, 1 exercise area, bicycle, jogging and pedestrian paths, 29 thousand 719 square meters of grass area, 6 thousand 125 square meters of activity area, 1,768 meters of walking path, 270 meters of bicycle paths, 326 meters of jogging track. .

Within the scope of the works, 1,16 trees, 7 thousand 432 bushes and ground cover plants will be planted.

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