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Where is Borabay Lake, How to Go? Things to Know About Lake Borabay

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There are many beautiful natural wonder cities in Turkey that should be visited and seen. Especially in Amasya, located in the Black Sea Region, there are historical and natural beauties to visit. Borabay Lake, located within the borders of Taşova district of Amasya, was formed as a result of the clogging of the debris around a small stream.
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Where is Borabay Lake?

There are beautiful areas for those who love to travel and discover new places. Especially in the province of Amasya, there are many places to visit and see. Located in Amasya, Borabay Lake is located within the borders of Taşova.

Borabay Lake is located 63 kilometers from the city center and 15 kilometers from the town of Taşova. Borabay is at an altitude of about 1050 meters from the sea. Although Borabay is known as a crater lake, it is a natural set lake formed as a result of the obstruction of a small stream with debris coming from the surroundings. Borabay Lake is surrounded by beech, yellow pine, cedar and chestnut trees.
How to get to Borabay Lake?

One of the most famous values ​​of Amasya, where nature tourism is intense, is known as Borabay Lake. Borabay Lake is located in the Taşova district of Amasya. Borabay Lake, which is 63 kilometers from the city center, can be reached by private car. To go to Borabay Lake, you must first reach the city center of Amasya. Borabay Lake can be reached by minibuses going from Amasya center to Taşova district. In addition, to go to Borabay Lake in Amasya, it is necessary to turn from the Amasya-Erzincan road. In addition, you can go to the edge of the lake by car.

Things to Know About Lake Borabay

Borabay Lake, which is a natural wonder, is in a unique nature. Surrounded by beech, Scotch pine and cedar trees, the surrounding of Borabay Lake has also turned into an emerald green color. The southern shores of Borabay Lake have a steep and steep structure. It is seen that the water boils from the bottom of the Borabay Lake.

Borabay Lake, which has a unique beauty, is fed by the waters coming from the stream. Borabay Lake is 900 meters long and 300 meters wide. In addition, the depth of Borabay Lake reaches up to 25 meters. Borabay Lake is located in a valley extending in the east and west directions.

What to do in Borabay Lake?

Borabay Lake, located in Amasya, welcomes many local and foreign guests every period. There are various picnic areas in the lake, which is surrounded by different trees. Borabay Lake, which is connected to the Taşova district of Amasya, has been declared as a tourism center with the decision of the Council of Ministers.

There are bungalow-style accommodation areas around the Borabay Lake, which has a unique beauty in the forest area. There are also various nature walks in Borabay Lake, where there are cafeterias, camping and picnic areas. People who like to fish can catch various fish such as trout, catfish, carp and rudd in the lake. There are also various recreation, entertainment and picnic areas on all shores of the lake. Also dolphin in the lake

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