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Gamers started to prefer Intel processors instead of AMD

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AMD, which has recently taken the lead in its competition with Intel with its affordable processors, was gradually taking over Intel’s market share.

However, AMD’s hike in processor prices and supply problems caused Intel processors to be preferred again.

According to data from January, Intel’s market share was 66.51 percent, while AMD had a 33.49 percent market share.

The Steam Hardware Survey in June, on the other hand, shows that the usage rate of Intel processors has increased by 1.72 percent and AMD is on the decline.

Gamers started to prefer Intel processors instead of AMD #1

It is reported that Intel has recently reached 71.58 percent market share with an increase of 5 percent, and AMD has experienced the same depreciation.

More affected by the global chip crisis, AMD’s market share is now shifting back to Intel.

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