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10 Most Effective Tactics To Earn Soup Money In PUBG Mobile


For starters “How to play PUBG Mobile?” We take a closer look at the most effective PUBG Mobile tactics that can answer the question. Here are the tactics to help you earn soup money in PUBG Mobile.
PUBG, one of the most popular battle royale games in the world, was released for mobile platforms in recent years. PUBG Mobile, whose success in mobile multiplies PC platforms, is currently among the most played productions of mobile platforms. So much so that the game has more than 500 million players on the Play Store alone.

While some play the game just to pass the time and have fun, some focus only on winning. In this content, we will talk about the most effective PUBG Mobile tactics for beginners and those who want to improve themselves. But before that, let’s take a brief look at what kind of game PUBG Mobile is.

PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular examples of the attle royale genre, starts with a total of 100 people leaving the map on a plane. When players land, no one has supplies or weapons. What you need to do is to join the war by collecting supplies such as supplies, weapons, bombs, health items scattered around the map.

As the players continue to collect supplies and fight, the map shrinks and shrinks with the gas released. Your main goal in the game is to try to be the last surviving person or team by escaping the gas while fighting the enemies. You can download PUBG Mobile to your phone from the links below.

Tactics for newbies to PUBG Mobile:
Decide well where you will land.
At the beginning of the game, you do not need to go to the safe zone immediately.
Loot fast.
Train with different weapons.
Play with your team.
Always keep your weapons loaded.
If you’re under fire, don’t run straight.
If you think you are in a bad position, avoid fighting.
Use painkillers and energy drinks to run faster.
Follow the minimap to locate the enemies.

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